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How to pick the right wedding DJ

- Michael Pilsner

It can be a tough process to pick the right wedding DJ. There are more DJ companies than ever before so narrowing the options can take a bit of effort. Unlike shopping for groceries, it’s something most people only experience … Continued

Holiday Party at the Madison Concourse Hotel

- Michael Pilsner

We specialize as wedding DJs—but the song doesn’t stop there. We perform at a handful of corporate events and holiday parties throughout the winter. It keeps us fresh for the wedding season and we love playing good music for friendly crowds! … Continued

Nick Offerman hangs out with Kuhl Entertainment

- Michael Pilsner

  During summer and fall, most of our performances are as wedding DJs. Leading into the winter we offer our DJ services for corporate events and holiday parties. Tonight we’re enjoying some great music and company at the Madison Concourse Hotel. … Continued

Best Wedding DJs in Madison

- Michael Pilsner

Year after year, Kuhl Entertainment has been in the top tier for best wedding DJs in Madison, WI. In 2013, The Isthmus removed the category.

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