Holiday Party at the Madison Concourse Hotel


We specialize as wedding DJs—but the song doesn’t stop there.

We perform at a handful of corporate events and holiday parties throughout the winter. It keeps us fresh for the wedding season and we love playing good music for friendly crowds! It makes for an exceptional evening when we see guests excitedly finding their way to the dance floor!

Tonight we’ve meticulously planned our lighting arrangement to illuminate The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club in celebration of Oxford International’s holiday party. We’ve enjoyed meeting everybody who’ve stopped by the DJ booth to say hello!

This is our third corporate event this week and we haven’t even entered the weekend! If you see a DJ playing tasteful music this weekend, ask if it’s a Kuhl Entertainment DJ! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your support this season. It’s been a fun ride!


Here’s a glimpse at our holiday party themed uplighting creation this evening.