How to pick the right wedding DJ


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It can be a tough process to pick the right wedding DJ. There are more DJ companies than ever before so narrowing the options can take a bit of effort. Unlike shopping for groceries, it’s something most people only experience once in their life.

So, what should you consider before hiring a wedding DJ for your big day?

Here are some tips we’ve learned over the years:

  1. Customer reviews matter
    When you’re searching for the right DJ, check the past reviews. In 2016, couples work with an average of 12 vendors (see so if a couple thought highly enough to share a review, it means their experience was exceptional. If you see a negative review it’s completely acceptable to ask the DJ company about it. Read the reviews—the good ones and the bad ones.
  2. There’s a difference between a playlist and a DJ
    A real DJ knows how to read the audience, mix between songs and has backup plans in the case something goes wrong. Sure, your nephew may have an iPod and a subscription to Spotify premium but that doesn’t mean you’ll hear songs that transcend generations. Experienced DJs know how to arrange songs to keep the dance floor moving with the perfect blend of rest and energy.
  3. Gear is important
    The audiophile in us would love to get deep in audio geekery but we won’t bore you with the technical specs. The takeaway is this: If the gear is quality, you won’t notice. The gear is sub-par, you and your guests will most definitely hear it and it’s usually not a fun experience. You don’t want speaker hum during the father of the bride dance.
  4. Experience = Expertise
    You’ll want to consider a DJ company who have handled many weddings. This makes it much more likely they’ll be able to handle curve balls in realtime.
  5. Interview before booking
    Ask anything you’re curious about. A good DJ company should be able to answer just about any question you have. Have they been to your venue? Will they provide guidance for song selection? Do they know how to tie a tie? (Half-kidding, but this is important. You want someone with attention to detail, not some shlub with a wrinkled shirt and short tie.)