Kuhl Entertainment DJs at Madison Night Market


Kuhl Entertainment - Madison Night Market

We were invited to throw a dance party on Gilman Street during the Madison Night Market and it sounded like a great opportunity to push the envelope.


RSVP: Yes, please!


Most of the events we cover have crowds between 100 and 300 people. Expected attendance for Madison Night Market was over 5,000 throughout the evening.


We aren’t exactly a touring sound company, but we do have some heavier equipment that’s usually set up for listening or small parties in our warehouse space. I prepared the biggest speaker system we could field with existing gear and recruited a team to assemble our truss back drop for visual impact.


Our friends at Madison Night Market had reserved us a rental van so I started my day by picking it up downtown and meeting Josh, who recorded and edited this video, and Juwan, the newest addition to our team, back at the warehouse.

We loaded up and headed down to Gilman Street, found our spot, and got to work.


Within a few hours, all systems were go and we were playing warm-up music as the market opened. Andy, my DJ partner for the evening, joined us fresh from his day shift and took a turn on the decks, giving me a chance to explore the market. It was awesome to see some familiar vendors as well as a lot of faces that I didn’t recognize. We ran into friends and even a few clients on the street which made for pleasant surprises!


As the sun descended, we turned on the lights and cranked up the volume to kick off the dance party. The market itself didn’t feature any alcohol vendors, but anyone who wanted a beverage had plenty of choices among the nearby bars and restaurants. Our next-door booth neighbor was a spray paint artist and had made impressive progress on the mobile graffiti wall by then, adding to the ambience.


By the time darkness had fallen, Andy and I were playing some of our personal favorites and trading off a few tracks at a time. We happily take requests at the vast majority of our events, but decided to politely decline them this time and take full advantage of the creative freedom available. It was an awesome team experience because we usually work in pairs if not alone and we had to step out of our comfort zone to make it happen.


Josh Landowski canvassed the street shooting video of vendor booths and the crowd at large throughout the evening. As is usually the case with a good party, it seemed like the end came way too quickly! Hopefully everyone left with an enjoyable experience to remember.


Being involved with this Madison Night Market was a blast; we’re already looking forward to next year! Whether we set up for another dance party or just hit all the food carts that we missed last time, we’ll be there!


Thanks, Downtown Madison! 🙏🏼