Patrick Archer

Patrick Archer

Patrick Archer is a truly well-rounded entertainer with over a decade of DJ experience at weddings and special events. He loves hip hop, R&B, funk, and soul music and has spent time as a classical pianist and singer. Patrick enjoys nothing more than guiding people to that magical place of dancing and excitement.

What past couples have to say about Patrick Archer

Patrick, our DJ for our wedding reception, did a great job. We met prior to the event, he took notes, and played everything we requested. He adjusted as needed during the event and kept people moving.

— Al

Kuhl Entertainment has many professional DJs. I was impressed to see all of the DJs with their description describing their music skills and experience. I actually got to pick out my very own DJ within the company. The DJ for our wedding was Patrick Archer. Patrick's communication was flexible and considerate throughout the process. Patrick worked with me to plan out the evening and pick out songs that would be perfect for each moment. He also asked for a list of songs that should not be played and a list of songs that must be played. Patrick was very kind and even asked the groom and I if we needed anything such as drinks or music requests. I recommend both Patrick and Kuhl Entertainment for your DJ service needs.

— Marta

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