Aaron Womack – Professional DJ

Aaron joined Kuhl Entertainment in 2022.

Aaron Womack’s roots as a basketball coach and a youth mentor for his local community are at the heart of a guy who always puts others first.

Known for his contagiously exuberant demeanor, Aaron manages to light up every room he enters with a presence best experienced firsthand. His innate talent and charisma came through quickly when he joined the Kuhl Entertainment team and began his journey as a DJ.

He was just as fast to become a crowd favorite as one of our resident DJs at a venue in downtown Madison—in no small part thanks to the energy and enthusiasm he serves up on the mic. Along with his keen sense for playing the right track at the right time, Aaron makes for one incredibly well-rounded entertainer.

Sounds Selected by Aaron Womack

Aaron on Spotify

Enjoy a sample of Aaron’s hand-selected songs in the Spotify playlist below.

Aaron Womack Minimix 014