Chris Fox – Professional DJ

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Chris decided to DJ when he was seven years old.

When Chris was seven he experienced his first live DJ set. He watched Jamaican sound systems perform at Nottingham Festival in the UK.

Pairing that experience with what would become a lifelong passion for Hip-Hop, he got his first set of turntables at the tender age of eight.

Through Chris’ love for discovering and sharing music with others, he launched a career of performing at clubs and major festivals throughout the United States.

Reviews about Chris

My wife and I cannot say enough about how great it was to have Kuhl Entertainment for our wedding reception. We had a unique situation where we got married in Mexico, but wanted to have a party back in Madison for all of our extended family and friends. Kuhl Entertainment was very responsive in answering all of our questions and being flexible with our situation. We went with Steve, which was an awesome choice! He was so willing to help out and on top of his game the night of the reception. He even took the time to meet with us before the reception to go over the timeline and the special requests that we had. He was flexible during the party with the timeline which my wife and I loved as we are “go with the flow” types of people. His music choice was amazing and had us on the dance floor all night long. We aren’t a fan of “those weddings” where no one is dancing. We definitely didn’t have an issue as Steve had the dance floor packed at all times.

Christopher Ziegler – Married on January 1, 2020

Sounds Selected by Chris Fox

Chris on Spotify

Enjoy a sample of Chris’ hand-selected songs in the Spotify playlist below.

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