How We Handle DJ Assignment

We have a few different ways of approaching pairing you up with a DJ, the sum of those options allowing for as little or as much influence on that decision as you’d like. Some couples will already come to us having a specific DJ in mind, and in those cases we always try to confirm that request as soon as we can.

Most couples are best served by reviewing our DJ’s profile pages at our site and letting us know who their top three picks are and why. This allows us to reach out to those members of the crew that you have interest in, and allow us to offer them additional context behind why they were requested.

Finally, some couples prefer to meet with me, allowing me to get a sense of who they are and what their desired outcomes are for their wedding experience. I typically couple what I can gather there with the information provided from our Experience Designer Form (a quick and easy intake form of sorts) and offer my recommendations of DJs I think the couple would sync up with above the rest.

Regardless of the approach, there’s never any pressure to commit before confirming your assigned DJ, and we’ll be sure to make this action item #1 if you were interested in exploring the steps necessary to book with us. You’ll also have access to that person as soon as we’ve finalized that decision together for anything you may need during the planning.

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