Reviews about Kuhl Entertainment specifically from weddings at Becket’s

Noticed they weren’t playing the songs I requested. I was informed that they lost my list of “must play songs” and song SAT. Only mentioned it to me after I confronted the DJ about the song selections and lack of people on the dance floor. Finally found it but only after making me cry. Also guests complained they didn’t play requests.

Emails are very confusing. They assign you a DJ then keep sending you emails changing the DJ that you have booked. Then the DJ we got was new and absolutely sucked even after we had numerous conversations with him on what to play, he still did not play what we wanted. He was way off the timeline (which was previously set up and printed out for him). We didn’t get the uplighting we payed for or really what we wanted in a DJ at all. When I spoke to his boss, we got $400 back which helped but since we payed $1199 we still ended up paying $799, which is what we would have payed for someone else without all the extra that we didn’t get and who would have played what we wanted so I still feel gypped.