Best Western Premier Park Hotel

We’ve been hired at Best Western Premier Park Hotel for 18 weddings!


Reviews about Kuhl Entertainment specifically from weddings at Best Western Premier Park Hotel

Bill Hughes DJ’ed our wedding. He got to know us beforehand, and assembled a plan for the entire reception – not just music, but toasts and other events. Bill kept the dance floor full for most of the night and handled all sorts of requests. Highly recommend the photo booth, which John did a stellar job with.

Brenden DJed our wedding on May 20th and it was perfect. We met twice ahead of the wedding and he got to know us and the types of music that would be good to play. We didn’t have a very long must play or do not play list so the majority of the night was completely up to him. The dance floor stayed packed all night long and he did a great job of keeping everything as close to on schedule as possible. He came hours ahead of time and showed us what the lighting looked like and made sure everything was to our liking. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and professional DJ. Thanks Brenden!

Wonderful DJ! Josh was very professional and made sure that everyone heard the songs they wanted and followed our directions to a T!

I highly suggest the wedding trivia! He even made sure that our cousin with Downs Syndrome answered a question and got a prize. That made his whole night and we had Josh to thank for that! It was truly an amazing reception!